Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Здравствуйте! Russian Cuisine, anyone?

Здравствуйте (Zdravstvujte) is "Hello". 
To know how to pronounce it, just click on the word.

I've never been to Russia, let alone tasted the food. I've never even bother to learn the language, let alone read about what they are eating over there.Until... one day, in the middle of no where.. (well, one day bee & I went to Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam).. there stood in front of where we parked the car, a restaurant named "CAMAR".. which took over our curiosity... or more like, over our grumbling tummies ('brunch' time!!!).

The restaurant has just opened its doors this year! So, it's pretty new and almost oblivious to even the KotaKemuningans. Now, bee & I are suckers for checking out new places to enjoy our occasional F&B rendezvous. Sometimes, we even felt the need to impersonate the masterchefs while eating our food.

Anyway, we talked to the lovely owner Leslie who married a Malaysian guy and they have decided to open this restaurant named CAMAR which also means HAPPY in Russian. As you approach the entrance, you'll see the signboard and menu designs with a consistent nautical feeling. My bee, with a bit of Russian cuisine experience back then, showed off by ordering a couple of familiar things (to him) and I ordered by looking at which picture in the menu that looked suspiciously good :)!

My bee ordered Rice Pillaf.. almost like the Malay fried rice or akin to Briyani.. and yes, it was really tasty.
Next, came the beef dumplings or Pelmeni.. owhh.. yummy.. we ate them with yogurt. If you don't want heavy meal, I think this is enough to fill your tummy.
This was what I ordered.. French Meat.. but she used chicken.. and it was cooked perfectly to my liking.. topped with cheese. Arghhh.. this is difficult. Difficult to resist. Heh.
Unfortunately, my hot lemon tea was served with lime instead- she was out of lemon. It's ok.. no biggie. But my bee was happy to get his BIG mug of coffee to complete his brunch. I think the restaurant has a nice ambient with comfortable setting.. fully air-conditioned.

Leslie (the lady in striped T-shirt) pointed our that the big aqua-related pictures on the walls, not only represented camar- meaning, the sea gulls in Malay.. but they reminded her of where she used to live in Russia (near the sea). There's a TV and a dvd player at one corner and as we were having our brunch, a Russian movie was on. Well, I guess she wanted to feel more at home here.

So, if you guys would like to check it out .. please take the highways lead to Kota Kemuning, take 3 o'clock at the first roundabout, go to almost at end of the shoplots, take right- where you'll see MamaKandar on your right, go to the little roundabout, make a U-turn (you'll see Jotun/ DIY shop on the left- so, turn left..) and the restaurant is right behind the shop which sell beddings stuff and in the same row with a mechanic shop at the end lot.

Next time, I would like to try Camar's stews and ice creams. 
The pictures looked good too! :)

Hmm.. somehow that doesn't sound quite right..

...and here's the prove that we were both hungry & the food was worth recommending :D.



Anonymous said...

The ambiance look familiar to me, i think previously it was Restoran Desa Selatan..

Anonymous said...

Hi Baby,

the 'after' pix is missing - all those empty plates! Next time we'll stop for the rice dessert & ice-cream.

Previously it was Restoran Nasi Dagang, specialising in Pantai Timur fare, unless it was years & years ago.


DoodleDesign said...

Anonymous1- see Anonymous's 2's answer.. & thanks 4 dropping by!

Anonymous2 aka codex- oops! i did plan 2 put that pix but 4got laa.
Yummy2- sounds like a plan 2 me :D

Indigo_Girl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Indigo_Girl said...

Dear Yati, thank you very much, miss see you there, and my husband already come, so we waiting for you dear.
Liliya(Camar RL)

DoodleDesign said...

Owh! Hi.... Liliya! So nice 2 meet u again this evening. Knowing that there some people coming to your Camar after reading this post really made my day :) Yay!

Asraf said...

Hi, thanks for this good information.. =) non woven bag

Arepeace said...


DoodleDesign said...

Totally HALAL. Owner- Malay man married a Russian lady.

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