Tuesday, January 4, 2011

For my Lovely Little Sister..

I bought her a new Drawing Block.. but I ended drawing something in it. It was something for her to color :)

I haven't drawn any fairies for so long.. and it's almost forgotten until I saw a few of my talented blogger friends drew and shared some. Well, anyone who grew up reading Enid Blytons would surely has delightful wonders about fairy that flies, gnome that stalks, doll that talks, etc.. world of fantasy creatures. 

Yes... sometimes you just want to be there again.. the time and place when you have no other worries.. and more often than not, trying to catch a glimpse in the backyard garden of.. perhaps, there were such thing as fairies flying around and maybe you could see them.. if you focused your eyes hard enough. But no.. I never did see such thing. But when my mind saw it, I drew.. I doodled.. in my drawing blocks.

So, here's one for my 12 yrs old sis, Sue.. I just want her to practice her coloring skill when she feels like it. No pressure... but I WANT you to make it beautiful, ok Sue?.. teeheehee.. it's just empowering to be the firstborn, in case you don't know, my friends.

She's all smile now..

Sue is my biggest fan when it comes to the fun, cute Artsy creations/ drawings I made. I'm glad she has learned the art of Appreciation. The other day, she found an old frame that I painted a few years back lying somewhere in the house.. she asked me if she could have it for herself. Then, she put a favorite picture of herself in it and display it on the shelf. 

 It's just lovely..

.. as lovely as a little sister could be :).


Anonymous said...

Fortunately there's none from Gibran on firstborn.
So you're safe.
For now.


DoodleDesign said...

None? too bad.

Diana Evans said...

Wonderful work!!! Happy New Year!!!!

DoodleDesign said...

Hi Diana..
what a wonderful surprise to see you dropping by.
Thanks! All the Best to u too!!

Anonymous said...

Wow!!!! To you and your baby sister! :D


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