Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Aqeel loves Ultraman!

Aqeel is one of my little nephews. He just turned 3 on 31st December and lucky him, parents threw one cool party for the cool cheeky boy on the first day of the New Year!

Because my 'orders' have arrived a couple of days before his birthday, I was excited to create him one-of-a-kind Birthday Card. Haa? What my 'orders' were? A bunch of brilliant Pelikan Plaka-Lack Colors!

Yes, they have found a new place on my used-to-be-messy desk top! Wohoo!

Anyway, this nephew of mine is in love with Ultraman. He has all the gadgets (that his parents bought) that are enough to make himself one miniature Ultraman, I'd say. Too bad he can't fly though. But his interest definitely has given me an inspiration for the Card- of course.

Front View

Still.. the Front View
(when the Ultraman's head is flipped up.. as shown below.. )

Inside View
( yup, the Ultraman'n head was attached there..)

So there you go the 1st B-day Card of the Year.. made for a dear nephew. There'll more to go through the year. 

If you have an idea for a handmade birthday card and would like it CUSTOM MADE, just let me know.. I'll try my best to create one for you! I love how Plaka-lack colors give some kind of glossy effect when you applied it to any surface. Simply brilliant! 



baincardin said...

Nice! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Baby,

you mean Aqeel is really ultraman?

A bit pendek but you'll never know.

Love the colours & layout.


DoodleDesign said...

Thanks, baincardin!

codex- yup! he is, actually. The other day, he thought i was a monster and 'zassed me!

Anonymous said...

i found out that pelikan paint can hardly be bought nowadays..
stock dpt mne eh?

DoodleDesign said...

saifulnizam- i got in touch dgn HQ Pelikan di Puchong masa Jualan Gudang Pelikan last year!

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