Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Event News: "Mom's Day Out"!

Every moms deserves a "day out".. by herself or with her friends! What more when the day out involves something that will enrich her in many ways.. well, shopping may do that too but this is quite different!

I had the opportunity to design a fun flyer and eco-bags for this event organized by BlingLustre owned by a very enterprising lady-Kay :)! I love working with her especially when she gave me the freedom to come up with a design and she really appreciates Art and Handmade stuffs! To know more about the event, please check out her site and contact her soon. I heard the seats are still available.

As of right now.. I'm still doing the event's eco-bags as their goodie-bags :)... 45 pieces altogether. Phew! They may look quite simple but they took me.. many.. many days to finish because the details are all hand-drawn & painted! Yup. Good luck to me... ngee..ngee..^_^


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