Thursday, January 13, 2011

Free Blog Ad @ PortalNiaga

we have a Malaysian portal called Portal Niaga Anda that promotes other blogs with advertisements.. there are FREE ones (if you're lucky, yours will be chosen.. after you have registered them) and there are paid spaces too!
So, I found in my mail today that mine is chosen for the free one. Yay! Thanks to Portal Niaga.. I saw soooo many interesting blogs there- for shoppings and for musings. Maybe I'll check out some when I've the chance.
Thanks to Portal Niaga. Here's what they have about DoodleDesign Ad


A brief description of your business blog : I'm offering my service & talent in Fine Art & Design!
Your link address
Your blog category : Others
Write Your category (If your blog's category more than one OR for others Category ) : Art & Design
Your Name : ET
Email :
Phone No :
How do you know about this Portal? : Friend's Blog
Already be our fans and followers? : Yes - Thanks from PNA
Give some brief about this Portal ( appreciated if you can give some suggestion to us ) : I love to draw and paint a variety of things. I sometimes do some graphic design works too. Many customers love my Caricature works and I take order at anytime of the day.

That's all, folks!

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