Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fantasy Revisited..

So far, there are 2 online challenges that I've signed up for in 2011.. in addition to the MondayArtday challenge that I participated from time to time since last year. 

I think, Whimsical Wednesday is a great way to be practice drawings, be witty and train our mind to be more creative and have fun along the way.. while Creative Every Day is simply as it says.. being creative in everyday of our life (not necessarily in all 24hrs but a few minutes a day would do..) plus we get to share it with the world rather than let it pickled away..! I am quite new at online challenges participation.. but I'd like to do that whenever I've the chance, in order to keep myself away from creative deprivation. But most importantly, my mission is to get into my deeper self and find back the kid in me.. that kid who used to just draw and draw whatever came into her mind.. who dreamed of fantasies and the world beyond her home and scribbled silly cartoons that make no sense at all, but enjoyed life as it was without any worries. What she really wanted was.. to simply draw things that make her happy and gleeful inside :).

An artist or a creative person does stuck in rut, sometimes. He/ She needs inspirations to get out from it.. or just something/ an idea/ a cool little inspiration/ a discussion with oneself or another.. to give him/her a boost or a spark for a new venture... you know, like a car needing a jump-start after a while running on the long and winding road. So, things like participating in these online challenges may help in some ways. There are so many online challenges out there if you search the web. I was almost overwhelmed by them and looking at the pools of talents existed on this planet... Phew!! 

Last night before I went to sleep, I made a little artwork combining my drawing with digital coloring. This is what the "Cosmo" theme from Creative Every Day has inspired me to create..

See that dragon..? Back in 2009, I've posted my dragon drawing on a t-shirt. It was the creature that followed me home after an enchanting trip to Beijing, China (2008). When the time comes, (there's time for everything, right?.. ehem ehem ).. I'll tell you more about it in my coming post.

Till then..



Betsy Grant said...

All the best on your creative projects. Sounds like you're on the right track!

DoodleDesign said...

Yay!!! Thanks Betsy. I really hope so too :))

Anonymous said...

Unique dragon, a cross between dragon & phoenix maybe? Somehow or rather,something sounds familiar.
Or is it just me?


DoodleDesign said...

codex- cud be..
err..ehem ehem, u mean..?

Cowgirl Red said...

Love it! I'm visiting from CED. Terah

DoodleDesign said...

Oh, hi Cowgirl Red! What a nice surprise.
Thanks for your visit :)

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