Monday, January 17, 2011

A Chicken Run!

I used to grow up rearing some chicken in the backyard. They are among some fun creatures to watch and good to eat. Ha!
Actually, the theme @ Illustration Friday has inspired this doodle. It just brought me back to my chicken run. I think it's quite silly.. so here Whimsical Wednesday!

Just felt like coloring the chicken with pencil colors. So, I did. 



dthaase said...

welcome back - another great submission - thanks for joining the play

MissBoom said...

run faster!!!! haha
good work

Anonymous said...


Karen S. said...

Run, run...little chicken as fast as you can! Very nice artwork!
I also really smile just looking at the little children peeking around the sign...saying hello!

Nancy Bea Miller said...

So cute!

DoodleDesign said...

dthaase- thank u so much! now i have an outlet to throw my silly- sometimes stupid jokes. Haha.

MissBoom- teeheehee.. yup! he was running so fast in his running shoes! Thank you..thank you.

Anonymous- TQ

Karen S.- appreciate your comments. Really do :)!

Nancy Bea Miller- thanks!

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