Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Trip to the Muddy River- Part 3 (last!)

Yes.. the evening was a lovely sight at the Jeram's beach.. and I had a high expectation came the morning after.

But before that.. let me tell you a bit about the night. My bee and I had dinner at our friend's apartment.. so, we didn't really experience the night out watching the fireflies at Kelip-kelip Park or tasting the ikan bakar and other sea food. Next time, perhaps. Both of us were quite tired.. and then, my bee heard the news that his uncle passed away that very night.. well, there was nothing much for us to do other than praying for him from far.

The fishing pond was actually open for 24hours... but it was quiet.. well, you don't make much noise while fishing, right?

As it was the Chinese New Year's night, we caught some fireworks display here and there around the area.

After that, we got ready to sleep.. but I don't know why.. it was so difficult to sleep. The apartment became quite creepy at night. Was it just my feeling or was I sensing something else out there...? The next morning, my bee told me that he saw a white flash of 'being' suddenly jumped from the floor and vanished through the ceiling.. while he was praying for his late uncle last night. Phew! I was quite glad he didn't tell me right there and then or else i would freaked out.. but I managed to get a good sleep after all. God has taken a good care of us through the night.

As the morning rolled by.. I realized the sky was not as bright as yesterday... it was quite solemn.. nevertheless, beautiful.

The water became so shallow.. till we could walk to the middle of the sea. But just be careful as you feet/ slippers might get stuck in the mud! I saw many families enjoying themselves.. walking and looking for some mussels. I even saw a family of monkey playing near the beach (see, there was one perching on the stone)!

My mind was thinking..  this called for a 'family trip'! I would gather my parents, my grandmother, my siblings and nephews and nieces.. to experience Nature, right here in the State we are living in. We should come for a picnic or pitch a tent or rent the apartments and have some adventures (or misadventures) once in a while! Hmmm.. I wonder if they would be interested at all..?

One sure thing my bee had surely gathered from this trip was...


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