Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Trip to the Muddy River- Part 2

I haven't been that well, lately.. but I'm feeling much better today and would really like to finish about my trip that day to Kuala Selangor.

You see, while my bee & I went up the Melawati Hill, monkey-watching.. we saw a row of houses by the river and decided we should take a look there. Not sure which road we should take, we came upon a little village at the foot of the hill and saw a beautiful lake behind a mysterious house... and even greeted by a huge biawak before we left the place.

Oh well, then we moved on to a little old town and finally saw a bridge lead to the village over the river. The first thing we stumbled upon was this beautiful Chinese temple. For a moment, I thought I was visiting Beijing again.

After a little drive around the village, we came to know that the place was named Permatang Pasir. I think the population was mainly Chinese.. and they have a little town with seafood restaurants and shops selling dried and wet goods! We ended buying some dried goodies such as sotong gula and asam. Yummy junk foods! Across the shop, we saw a few people fishing and caught a couple of catfishes!

On the way back to Jeram, where we wanted to spend the night,.. if there was any room.. (yup, this was No Reservations trip).. we stopped by the paddy field and after looking at the site.. we would really love to come another time... when the paddy has grown! Yes, over here they have Homestay with interesting activities.. with the villagers.. Owh! I really look forward for the experience :)

As we reached a resort called the Seaview Apartment Resort to spend the night.. they told us that the apartment rooms of RM100 per nite were full.. but we could still rent apartments with the rate of RM160 per nite, facing the sea. I thought it was ridiculously expensive for just one night but after a long thought.. my bee said, ".. we don't always have this opportunity.. and why don't we make the best of our short time here..?". So, as he was being very gracious and tired after driving the whole day.. I agreed. 

Thank God, the 3 bedroom apartment wasn't a let down. It was on the 10th floor and a beautiful sight to behold as we stood there on the porch.

But the best thing was, we could also see on the other side of the apartment..where a fishing pond was located. 

So.. we rested for a while.. freshened up a bit.. and went to the beach to watch the sun set. 

Again.. I saw many people with fishing rods everywhere as I reached the sea shore.. but no one was swimming due to the muddy factor. There was also a nice swamp with greens nearby. The sea waves were pretty harsh that evening.. but then again.. it was contrasted by the lovely skies..

Oh yes, this is the picture of the Seaview Resort, Jeram.

It was fun watching some mudskippers on the beach. They looked like some clowns playing with the waves.. and it was quite hard to capture their pictures as they moved so fast!

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