Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Fun Alphabets Project!

Well, I did this about 9 years ago with my younger brother who was then 10 years old when I saw he had nothing better to do other than watching the TV. Haha!

I asked him to write down a list of things/ animals in Bahasa and English for each alphabets A-Z. It took him quite a while to come up with the list.. and then, he showed it to me. Here's the original copy of the list that he made. Glad I still keep it with me as a remembrance :)

From the list, I asked him to pick up the Alphabets from his nickname, "IM" and choose which animal/ things he liked.

And then I made a small illustration for him.

"I" for Ikan (fish) and "M" for Manggis (Mangosteen)

He really loved it and asked me to do one for his best friend, Zul.

"Z"- Zirafah, "U"- Ular, "L"- Loceng

From the illustrations, I made his name stickers which he later put on many of his properties. A week later, he came to me with a list of his friends' names.. who would like to have such stickers too! My brother said he's charging his friends RM1.00 for one fun name sticker.  Haha.. I was quite surprise.. Was this a businessman in the making? Well, I don't know.. but one thing for sure, he was happy to earn a little extra pocket money!

So.. if you have a kid, why don't you try this little project at home? He or she could learn the alphabets and draw+color too! Put the final product on his bedroom door or decorate her room with it.

But if you want me to do one for you, juz let me know... alrite? 

More sample of Fun Alphabets!

Enjoy :)


ismahsaibudin said...

how I wish I could doodles like you.. :D I love this type of typography.

The Creative Muslimah said...

mashAllah, you're such a great artist/typographist/doodlist!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D Just found your blog through sisters who blog network and I'm your newest follower! :-)


The Creative Muslimah @ www.thecreativemuslimah.blogspot.com

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