Monday, February 7, 2011

A Trip to the Muddy River- Part 1

Have you ever been to Pantai Remis..? Jeram..? Bukit Malawati..? Kelip-kelip Park? These places are in the State of Selangor or more specific- Kuala Selangor. Thanks to my bee's brilliant idea, I went there with him during the Chinese new Year's holidays just to drive around, take pictures, discover new nooks and corners in my own country :). Both of us didn't know much about Kuala Selangor.. we didn't really know what to expect other than it's the nearest beach to drive to..but then it's quite muddy- thus, not advisable to sync nor swim, seafood such as ikan bakar was really good and less expensive (compared to in the city such as in Kuala Lumpur).. hmm.. what else..?

Well, suffice to say that this trip was to discover this sleepy coastal town and for us to unwind..

When we first arrived the Kuala Selangor area, we went to check out the beach.. somewhere near Pantai Remis. Well, as someone who used to grow up near the picture perfect beach of Kuala Terengganu... of course I found the beach here was quite hideous (sorry..hihi..). But then.. it has a beauty of its own. And I was so impressed by the weather that day which gave me beautiful cerulean sky to reflect upon this land of wander..

Then while walking along the beach... and this was about 10.30am.. I stumbled upon a few people raking and scratching the sand for remis. They said it was for their own consumption and not for sale.. but some people in this area do make a living by selling these mussels. Pantai Remis must be a popular eating area.. I saw many places to eat seafood here.

 A gasoline-lamp post near an eating area.. owh.. look at it upon the blue sky.. surrounded by the coconut trees.

Afterward, my bee drove us further and reached a hill called Bukit Malawati. There's a lighthouse up on the hill. 

It was noon already.. as you might as well can tell. The sun light right above the lighthouse made this picture so beautiful to me.. 

Right beside the lighthouse, there's a Historical Museum of Kuala Selangor. 

But what fascinated me the most on this very hill was that the wild and free roaming monkeys!

The Silverleaf Monkey mom and kid! Awww..

Soo...many of them!

A few 'other' monkeys..crossing the road.

Well, it was fun watching the monkeys and you can feed them too. Just be careful.. they could be quite impolite when they wanted the food in your hands. I didn't feed them because I was quite scared they might harm my beloved camera. huhuu..

Here's a picture of the man who sold some monkey-food. Can you see the Lion toys? The monkeys were actually scared of them lions. Hahaa! I thought that was funny!

To be continued..

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