Sunday, February 27, 2011

Painting an Old Frame

I went to my Mom house's the other day and found a few unwanted old frames collecting dusts on the book shelf. You know, the IKEA ones.. wooden small frames. I bet so many of us have them because they're very affordable and so nice for any room's decoration. But what I like best about them is that they're almost like ready canvases... I can paint anything on them.. :).

So, last night I painted one of them.. inspired by the year of Rabbit!

Hmm.. it's quite simple.. just the rabbit's shapes.. I'm still thinking of whether I should add more details on the rabbits or just leave it like that.


Missy said...

Your frame looks so cute! I like it just the way it is! I know exactly what frames you're talking about!

ayu jamal said...

nak lukis gambar yang A4 lepas tu tambah frame cute mcm ni ..tapi lukis lain la..baper RM?

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