Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"Din&Tee" Puppy Love on a Mug!

Before I slept last night, I was staring at this blank porcelain mug which I bought last year. Yes.. last year.

Then I picked up a permanent marker and wanted to doodle my little characters of "Din & Tee". The idea came as soon as I hold the 'magic' mug in my hand...

Hmm.. you see, for me.. it's not that easy to draw directly on a mug. The smooth surface and  its 'roundness' was a great challenge. You must have a "steady" hand.. otherwise the lines would be wobbly (oops!) and I was a little worried because I couldn't erase any mistakes made on it. But again.. it's a good drawing practice and I was really excited when the drawing was done.

At first, I was thinking of just leaving the doodle as it was- black & white.. but urmm.. I couldn't help myself.. 'MUST' color with plaka-lack! Haa.

So, here's the result :).
And so I slept around 2am.. huhu.. with a smile.

It's magical how little things could make your heart happy.


1 comment:

Ms and Mr Red Ribbon said...

kaler turun xlepas basuh?
kalau nak buat nie charge berapa? :)

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