Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Butterfly ATCs!

Yeah.. ok.. while I was sick the other day, I only had the mood to create my new ATCs for another swap session at Mangosteen's, the host.

The theme was Butterfly.

But it was not Butterfly the insect that came to my mind. Instead, I thought about my nightwear, kaftan which my mom used to call.. baju Rama-Rama (Butterfly clothing). Here's a sample of a kaftan.

And so.. I drew these little girls who went to sleep and dreamed of flying like little butterflies under the beautiful night sky... over some sleepy flowers and dancing leaves.. in their beautifully painted kaftans!

So there.., the theme has inspired me to create this little series of watercolor and ink paintings which I named

I love these ATCs.. I hope who ever got to keep them, will love them too :).


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