Tuesday, May 24, 2011

To My Bro & Sis with Growing Love..

Each years passing by, I watch them grow. Each and everyone of my six younger brothers and sisters..

Now, I can't talk about children for I have no experience just yet. But as an eldest, sometimes I do feel almost like a parent. I saw and played with each and everyone of them since small. I took care of them when Mom was busy in the kitchen or doing other house chores. Of course, once in a while, I fought and yelled at them too.. teeheehee.. And then, when I was 13, I was sent off to boarding school, so I couldn't really keep my eyes on them anymore. I could only do that during semester breaks and holidays. Then one day, I went overseas to continue studies until 2 years after, I came back and found that there was quite a distance between me and them. They have quite grown up. While I was busy with my own life, they've carved their own too.

Of course, as parents you would hope all your children to be the best that they can be. But you can't hope for a tree to give the same taste and shapes of fruits to you. Not all fruits will end up falling on the same ground and give you another great tree. Each of us came from the same womb, yet each has different characters and with few similarities. Growing pains to our parents, at times. Eventually, everyone will follow his/ her own destiny... even though all of us might have the same interest at heart.

Today, I realized that my family is really growing old together. Two of my younger brother and sister are already married and have their own beautiful kids. Another sister is going to be engaged this year :). Another sister has finished her Diploma and continuing her study for a Degree soon. Another brother received his SPM result earlier this year and looking forward to study in a College or University soon... and lastly, the youngest sister is preparing for her UPSR this year. Phew. We have came a long way and yet sometimes, it feels like life has just begun... What I most thankful for is that all of my family members are still living quite close to each other and always find the opportunity to meet up at our parents' house despite of everything.

Some day, things will be different. Perhaps, one of us will move away or... maybe someone is going to study very far from home... or travel the world. That will be another phase of growing up process for life keeps changing.

This month of MAY, my youngest bro and sis were born 18 and 12 years ago. I made them something special... even though my gifts might be inexpensive, I sure hope they'll treasure the love that will keep on growing for them as long as I live :).

Love always,
Kak Long.


Cik Cempaka said...

happy buffday =)

boleh tak lukis muka kite cam kat atas tu?
Kena bayar tak?


DoodleDesign said...

hai CikCempaka....!

yup, ada bayarannya if nak kite lukis muke kartun dan pos :)

nanti emel2, kite akan bagi senarai harga.


Kak Zai said...

What a blessing to have a big n happy family.

DoodleDesign said...

Alhamdulillah :)...since u hv 5 children of your own, wow! mesti meriah juga bila suma ada kan?

Anonymous said...

LOVE U KAK LONGGG!!! -anonymous-not-

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