Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Look Who's Cookin'

Owhh.. it's Emelly's dad :D.

Size A2, Watercolor, Ink & Pencil Color. May 2011.

Emelly is my one of my sweetest clients whom I did a "Couple Caricature" and a cool illustrated Story Board for her recent wedding.

She wanted a BIG caricature for her dad because he's opening a restaurant.. somewhere.. hmm.. I haven't had the chance to ask her just yet. Maybe I'll let you know after she tells me the details. But it's interesting to know that she'll use this caricature for some banners at the eating place. 

I pray for her dad's success in his yummy endeavor. At her request, I had to draw a fish head curry, a bowl of mee soup, roasted chicken, banana leaf nasi lemak and yellow sticky rice with rendang. Sounds like real 'food' to me :) hehe.



toyolkiut said...

best nya kwn ET ada restoran sendiri..
hr2 leh mkn sdap2..

psstt.. mug dh smpai 2 hr lepas..
mak cakap besarnya!
terima kasih!

DoodleDesign said...

ha'ah, best leer.. kalu 'free' lg lah best!
besar?? hehe.. sama2...

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