Friday, May 6, 2011

To Bonda with Love..

For this year's Mother's Day, a very friendly & sweet fellow blogger of mine.. ToyolKiut, wanted me to doodle a gift for her lucky Mom- on a MUG! So I quickly scribbled one up and managed to post it this Friday morning. Phew.. I sure hope her mom/ Bonda  will receive it on time :)

Well, here's a 360Degree symbol look at the mug:

Quite a simple one, really. And TK (ToyolKiut) was happy with it.. and it's all that matters :).

Hmm... now, what should I get for my Mom?


toyolkiut said...

mesti mak TK senyum panjang lebar ni..
terima kasih..
hasil kerja yg sangat bagus!

buat la satu utk your mom pulak..

DoodleDesign said...

awww.. timakaseh TK..

..dan timakaseh jg atas cadangan tu :) Malangnya stok mug kosong baru abis. huhuu..
et mungkin nk kumpul duit dgn adik2 belikan sesuatu yg dia suka :)

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