Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Joining ATC :) Yay!

ATC..? No.. not "All-These-Crap".

If you're not well-informed about it- ATC stands for Artist's Trading Card.


1. To share knowledge and showcase talent.

2. To swap ORIGiNAL miniature arts.

3. To exchange ideas; to inspire each other; to appreciate and respect each other’s arts while at the same time building a social network of art enthusiasts both locally and internationally.

4. For FUN!

I've never done this ATC thingy before.. so this will be my 1st. The coolest thing is, it is such a small piece of art.. so cute.. only 2.5" x 3.5". When I imagine collecting this small sizes miniature arts, I know they'll be so adorable :) and precious.. I mean, they are original artworks! You've got to appreciate that. Who knows if one of the artists that you traded with is going to be famous one day? 

Mysara Mangosteen is the lovely host for this event. To know more about it, just click on her name and go to her really cool site. I heard a couple of overseas artists have confirmed to join this ATC and we have a list of other cool artistic participants from Malaysia too :) So.. this should be fun. You don't need to be an artist/ illustrator to join, you know?

Actually, I was not so sure what to do on the small paper. But, I just thought it'd be fun to have a little village kids cartoon :))

Well, I had a good time painting them kids :). I named them Din & Tee. My bee said these two characters look good enough to start a series on them. 

hehe.. sounds like a fun idea to me too. 

Have fun.


Anonymous said...

Methinks you should go for it.
I mean the series.
Not many youngsters know
the real meaning of
growing up in a kampung.

BTW, the boy is cute.
Din, eh?

(next giveaway please)

mangosteenskin said...

oh!! i saw this in FB but didn't realize that they are ATCs!!! I love all of them ET! so cute and really bring back memories of growing up in kampung.

yes i agree, the series is a great idea.

Edi said...

they're all so CUTE!!! u're so talented!
nanti jumpa di mango's place ok! hehe..

DoodleDesign said...

codex- yeah3x.. he's Din. perasan le tuh. next giveaway.. hmmm..

mangosteeen- laaaa! x perasan ke b4 this? kehkeh

Edi- aww.. thanks! C ya ATCs!

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