Thursday, December 23, 2010

Einstein's take on a Miracle..

Lately, I've done a few celebrity/ public figure caricatures and quotes.

Why? Not only because I truly enjoy the quotations, but I feel the need to sharpen my skill in caricaturing. What I did was, to find good pic of these famous people and then took less than 20 minutes to sketch from the computer's screen and refine the strokes. Yup.. just more practice.. and it's fun to do.. plus a good challenge for myself.. and I hope many could appreciate the art of caricature and the play of words combined..

Wow!! This has just arrived in my mail informing that..- there's a blog that has given me an honor for being in its list of Best Art Blogs. Do check the site out for your Art pleasure. From my understanding, the site was created with the believe to create and share Art as a necessity, as love and friendship. Thank you, Art Sediments! It's almost like a nice little miracle to end this year in my little blogging world :).

Again, enjoy your holidays, everyone..
Be good :).

1 comment:

baincardin said...

Part 5 is already published. :)

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