Thursday, April 29, 2010

A lil' Thank U note..

 " Thank U..'wabbit"
Code: DD005
BLANK inside
Size: 9 x 10.5 cm (closed)
Medium: Watercolor & Ink on Watercolor Paper
Price: RM 1.50
(postage not included)

Above Thank You card is quite small, thus a "NOTE" :). Actually, I'm in the mood of creating  some cute 'animal characters'. 

I love animals but one of my favorites is rabbit. Used to have one.. err.. a few- while I was growing up.  My first rabbit was named "Jem". She was sooo cute, fluffy and nice. She would scratch the front door of our house when she wanted to come in and sometimes, slept with me in bed (if I slept in the afternoon but not at night). Then one gloomy morning, all that was left was Jem's head in the backyard as some wild dogs managed to break into the wooden gate and ate her. Couldn't go to school that day as I was so sad. Sobs.

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