Monday, April 12, 2010

A Baby Caricature

A friend asked me to make a caricature of his baby. So cute, huh? I love to color my caricature works with color-pencils- easier to handle and fun to mix & play with too.
Well, here's an idea- if you're out of gift ideas to give to your friends- especially for their kids, and then you happen to have pictures of theirs kids, why not "cartoonized" the kids' faces and put it in a nice not-too- expensive frame. I'm sure they'll love it!  Yup, I've seen those smiles before.. :)


Life is Beautiful said...

u ter'stumble' my blog, i 'menyumble' ur blog..hahahahha
wah, sangat comel lah baby caricature nih!!
i likeeeeeeee

Diana Evans said...

oh wow!!! this is awesome!!! how cute!!! wonderful work!!!

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