Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Jiji & d' Green-Faced Cat..

Ok.. When you look at the Green-Faced Cat.. does it remind you of the famous one in Alice in Wonderland? Almost, huh? Well, this cat was certainly inspired by it but as you can see.. it's my own version. Isn't it amazing that the original Alice in Wonderland or the real title was- Alice's Adventures in Wonderland was written in 1865 by Lewis Caroll? That's a loooong time ago and the tale is still relevant today.
My little illustration above is entitled, "Jiji & the Green-Faced Cat", done in watercolor & ink, sized 5"x7". Hmm.. I have a little story in my head about it. Maybe I'll write for my lilttle niece, Jasmeen...
Just look at Jasmeen's hair. They could make a few nice brushes for my watercolor paintings.. hehee.
Owh, I found this link if you want to learn how to DRAW the Cheschire Cat. Go ahead and try just for fun.

Happy Drawing! :))

1 comment:

Diana Evans said...

oh what a fun piece...I love it....your niece is so sweet too!!!

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