Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Custom-made Invitation Cards for...

..the Grand Opening of Wisma Bling Lustre & 1Superkids Family Day!!! And what's more, the day coincides with Mother's Day. Oh, what fun will it be with many activities and bazaar too!

 ( I have also designed the inside of invitation and printed them out in black & white )

These Cards are Unique, no two cards are alike! Especially made for the host who has let me be free expressing myself with the designs & colors. Thanks again, Khairina :). I hope you and the team like the Cards & will have a Great Upcoming Event!!

1 comment:

Creative Rumblings said...

hey Doodle Design, thanks a lot for visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely comment. you are so right, Art really has no boundaries. rather it helps in melting away all boundaries and bringing all creative souls together.

wishing you the best in all your creative ventures! and do keep visiting, it feels good to have friends peeking in. :)

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