Monday, October 22, 2012

Save the Love Story & the Date!

My sweet client, Hana;)...
she has been asking me to make this simple animation since early this year.

And now... with her special day not so far away, I thought why not put a link here so her friends who cannot receive her MMS could also view it from their email link!

She has also commissioned me to illustrate not only ONE but THREE love books as gifts for her groom to be- (untuk 1 dulang hantaran la tu kan, Hana? hehee..). Here's a sneak peek:

A love story to be kept for years to come... :)

I'm still taking my sweet time completing them all in between baby Zain's short naps and long sleep at night- huhuu!

In the meantime, especially to HANA's friends & family please enjoy the sweet reminder of her upcoming precious day... 

Client's Save D' Date Animation!


cci said...

shomey sangat.. ^_^

Miz Elle said...

sukanya.... nanti nak book utk buat aidilfitri wish for 2012.. save the date, too! :-)

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