Sunday, November 25, 2012

TinTin Inspired Birthday Card

My Bee loves TinTin since he was a small boy.

At first, I was thinking to order a TinTin birthday cake at my favorite cake maker Marlynn's for his birthday. But I had to cancel it when we found out how high his sugar level was after a health check-up! Too bad.

So, I ended up creating a TinTin inspired B-day Card instead. Not hand-drawn though...

I've found a nice "group picture" of TinTin and his gang on the net:

What I did next was to super-imposed my Bee's character (which was digitally drawn beforehand) into the group. And when everything was finalized, I printed it out on Art Card 230gsm paper.

Can you find DinDin...?? :))

Well, a piece of Marble Cheese Cake wouldn't hurt... I hope.

A simple party for my simple, loving man.


Fara Ada said...

nice and creative! :)
please come and visit me at :)

romany soul said...

Wonderful, I enjoyed this.x

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