Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ayu Jamal and her NEW Header!

My sweet and lovely blogger friend, Ayu Jamal from has requested for a new header for her blog. Two months ago, I created one for her e-shop.

When she wanted a new one with her original picture in it (instead of her caricature), I made something like this:

Then, she got back to me saying she needed something much simpler... without any products like her previous one. But, if I could slot in her dream pink Mini Car like the one featured in July post, she would really love it!

I looked at what she has provided me with- 2 lovely pictures of herself.. :

Hmmm... I was thinking... how to design just a simple header with white background, highlighting her name and incorporating the cute little car...?

I brainstorm with a few compositions... and lastly, I came up with this- which she absolutely approved :)

Now, if you look closely, the one sitting on the car has given me quite a challenge since I have to somehow 'create' her crossing legs because you can't see the rest of the legs in the original photo given (see pic above).

With the magic of Photoshop, I managed to make it. Heheheee... not that easy, I can you tell you that :)

Thank you Ayu.
I'm humbled by the way you appreciate my works and I've had so much fun making them for you.
May Allah bless you, your business and your family... always.

1 comment:

ayu jamal said...

ET..u memang da best..thanks sesangat, sbb sudi layan ayu..he he..len kali boleh order lagi.

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