Friday, December 16, 2011

Vintage Attack!


Just a quick announcement on an upcoming event which has nothing much to do with me (hehe...) but the girls at KALERPALETTE are joining. Again, they've invited me to put my little vintage inspired bookmarks in their stall.

Owh! Another thing I wanted to show here is that I've given a little help to the organizer of the Event to design the gift mugs for their limited GIVEAWAYS!

Let's see what they say about the Event... and how to win the limited designed Mugs!!! :

VINTAGE ATTACK! is here bringing you the true taste and joy of Vintage..!
Many booths with irresistible Vintage item will be joining us in making this experience UNFORGETTABLE..!

It is held on Sunday, Away from traffic heading to KL, Great Venue, Easy to Park, Amazing Activities, and many more for all of you Vintage lovers out there..!! its FREE admission, and you can even win prizes on the activities..! =)

Among the activities are:

1)how low can you go
- Limbo ROCK!!

2)do the twist!!!
- The Twist was a dance inspired by rock and roll music. It became the first worldwide dance craze in the early 1960s.
be sure to practice your twist at home.Who knows u might just get LUCKY to win our LIMITED EDITION surprise gift.

3) dress to impress
- Impress us with ur best vintage look from head to toe and become our first winner of best dress competition:)

4)the most coolest booth (open to vendors only!!)
- decorate ur booth as creative as possible dear vendors and stand a chance to win our LIMITED EDITION surprise gift.

5) Polaroid photo booth

6)live performance.
- five groups of talented people will be performing live to bring u guys back into those days!! U'll gonna love them.

7)hola hoop.
- the person who can roll their hips longer WINS!!!!

Vendors who are interested are most welcomed..! =)
Any Inquiries about the event email us :

If you're looking for some fun, please contact them for more details :) and you may find page on FB: Vintage Attack.

Already then, have a very nice weekend, everyone.

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