Tuesday, June 29, 2010

When U love Someone..

..what would you give him or her for the most special day of the year..which is his/ her birthday?

I bet you'd give something very dear and special.. something that your special one would most appreciate.. something that is very very thoughtful and comes direct from your very heart.

There are some people that would give the special person some amount of money and ask the latter to buy anything that her heart desires. Hmm.. that would work too, I guess. Not everybody have the pleasure of time to search and buy things.. and perhaps, he really wants her to get something she really likes instead of buying something she'd later throw in the bin... so, yeah, it's better to give her the money.

Even without the element of 'surprise', birthdays are always celebrated with a special gesture, note or gift. It is even more special when you give someone something tangible that you can't always find any where else in the world.. something uniquely ordered, made or commissioned just for him or her.

And one of such gifts is handmade Artworks.. or Cards. These things are in many ways very precious as it is almost impossible to reproduce (which makes it one in a million).. and you can frame and hang 'em on the wall for the memory.. and if the artist someday becomes very famous such as Van Gogh or Picasso.. well, someday it will cost a lot more when she/he is dead. So, please.. never throw away any artworks of any artists you own. Who knows..? But then, that's the sad part of being an artist- sometimes, your creations are worth more when you're gone, vanished, kaput.. kicked the bucket..DEAD!. Well, that's another issue..

Anyway, today is a special day for a special someone of someone else. Err.. I mean, today is my client's hubby's birthday and my shy and beautiful client has asked me to do a custom-made Birthday Card.

Because of privacy, I've been asked to blurred the faces (good, that means I've drawn a very look alike faces- hehe).

The special thing about this card is that I've used watercolor & ink on textured watercolor paper as my media. Really had fun doing this and glad that my client is happy with the outcome.

It is always like that... When you love someone, you'd simply want to make him/ her happy ;).

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