Friday, June 11, 2010

Wedding Here..Wedding There..

It's a long school break and a good time to bring the kids and adults (who are most likely forced to take leave) together in events such as weddings. I just came back from Terengganu attending a couple of beautiful weddings of my relatives. For them and so many more out there... CONGRATULATIONS on your wedding! May God Bless all of you... and may you live happily ever after. Seriously, is it really possible to live happily ever after? Perhaps it is... IF you are a SHREK! haha.

Well, the reality is hard to predict. Happiness is too vague to define... The important thing is.. to have FAITH.. and always PRAY & HOPE for the BEST... and please..please do not take each other for granted. God willing, we will all be fine :). IF things are not as fine as you wished for.. hmmm.. i suggest you run as fast as you could and when you're tired, take a rest! You'll learn that you're still on earth and there's no where else to go and hide but.. back to where you came from. Then, you'll have to move on. Yup.. that's the way it goes..or so..I've heard.

Anyway, apart from all the bell ringings around me.. Arenim, (one of my favorite clients)..has ordered 2 caricatures for her good buddies' weddings. I managed to finish them on time (phew!).. and with her own ideas on how she would like them to be (..with names and dates and the themes..), I think, both caricatures looked brilliant. Yet another definitely COOL GIFT for the memorable days of the brides&grooms.

I have also got my gift ready for the next wedding I'm attending. If you have read my previous entry on a custom made wedding card with hand drawn portraits in front of it... I've framed them up and I really hope they'll like it as well :)..
So.. for those who will do or are doing sum traveling for the events, have a safe trip. For those who are busy preparing the nitty-gritty stuff, cooking, decorating and all for the events, be patient.. it'll be over soon, get a good rest afterward. For those who are actually getting married, again I'd like to congratulate you & wish you da' best of luck.

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