Monday, June 21, 2010

U make me HAPPY :)

There's a new kid in my caricature gallery and when I first received her picture, I thought I was looking at one of the happiest faces I've ever seen in my life.  U make my day, kiddo!

For everyone who has a child (or more..?) out there.. I'm pretty sure that whenever you're feeling down..or lonely.., your pain will be less painful when you watch your child's innocent happy face. Remember when we were young? The happiness, the pain, the world.. are all the same- they don't affect us the same way they do when we've grown up. Those were the days when all you need to do was crying in order to get anyone did things for you (hehe). Now, when you cry.. it's just plain ugly (hehe again).

Just look into a little child's eyes..
what do you see?
no anger..
no hate..
no pain..
just two wide eyes..
looking back at you..
as if sucking out your troubles away..
as if soothing your nerves in a hot day..
as if saying that everything will be OK.

Just look into a little child's eyes..
what do you see?
perhaps you could tell me..
for i am only imagining..
of my baby's eyes..
which were tightly closed..
when he was in my arms..
just in a short while.

P/S: I love u, Umar Arief.
Sometimes, I wish you were here but I know you're in a much better place :) and that, makes me happy.


Diana Evans said...

oh so true!!! whenever I need to feel better I stare at our little son and my heart heals right away....being a parent is the greatest gift in the world....

your illustration is amazing and beautiful!!!

lovely work!!!

DoodleDesign said...

Thanks for sharing, Diana.. and many happy returns to you :)

nasuha ahmad helmi said...

thanks for visiting my blOg =)
sgt terharu dpt buat awak happy,lukisan ni pun nampak cantik =)

a.n.i.Q.u.e said...

i m sorry to hear about Umar arief ... (what a nice name)

ur poem really touches me .. again i m sorry


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