Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My eCard Designs In Foldees's Contest!

I entered 2 designs for ecard contest online @ http://www.foldees.com/. But it's under the name YARTSTIK (yartstik.wordpress.com). 

The cards are going to be rated by viewers... Just go and check it out!

Well, it's fun to give it a try..but that day, I created the cards in a hurry as it was almost dateline. I wish I could change and improve a few things, when I looked back. Ugh! I've always been my worst critique, actually. And so does my bee- he would tell me if it's NOT OK. No sugar coated comments would come out from his mouth, I tell ya. But then, he gives the right compliments when my works deserve it. I have yet to hear his comments on these cards, though. Anyhow, I'd like to thank my bee for his support in my interests. I wish I could do the same but I'm none the wiser even after years looking at those rocks at the foothill of Chendering (he's a geologist, if I haven't mention it before..).

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