Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Blank Card..

I haven't been active blogging because I was quite busy. When I wanted to update my blogs, there was always something else distracting me such as.. the tv, the book, the magazine, the food, the coffee with whipped cream topping, and etc... I guess, after concentrating too much on my paintings and designing works, the next best thing to do is just throwing myself in the comfort of the sofa or bed.. or in the arms of my loved one.. ehem2x!.

A couple of nights before, a close family friend of my parents came to the house and asked me to design a wedding card for their lovely daughter. At first, they didn't really have any idea of how the card would look like. The daughter would like to have caricatures included on the card as she wanted something unique and sweet and not too rigid lookin'. But her mom would like the card to look rustic/ romantic with some flowers decorating the background, perhaps a quite elegant look. Hmm.. I thought this would be quite a challenge yet an interesting job too.

My bee was there ( he rarely was around when I had discussion with clients before).. and it seemed that he was so excited giving his ideas as well. I thought he overshadowed me at some points as my clients looked interested with his suggestions. Huh!. But at the end, all of us were quite happy with where we were going with this card. We did have some basic ideas. Now, it's up to me to make it happen. Duh!

Wish me luck. Hopefully I'll be able to show a draft soon. Gotta doodle the caricatures first so that they can visualize the card better. I'll upload later when I'm done. Right now, it's still a Blank Card and the sofa, the bed..all seemed very inviting too.

P/S: Below is one of my wedding card designs.. Three folds. 6" x 6" Closed.

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Panji Alam said...

Aaah, life of a bee.

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