Thursday, September 19, 2013

Doodles of Late...

Couldn't find big enough wrapping paper for my little nephew's gift, I grabbed a 'kertas minyak' and doodled something he liked on it. For his Mom (yes, they have the same birthday), I quickly made a small gift card using pen and watercolor.

A closer view of above gift card.
Her name starts with 'Wan...' in case you're wondering...

This last minute gift card barely made its way to my sis Anna on her birthday as I was struggling with baby Zain while doodling it. Phew!

Oh yes, once in a while... peace and quite doodle while my baby was taking his morning nap.

Bought a new Daler-Rowney A5 sketch book and hope I'll get the rhythm of making more doodles and drawings in the near future :)



Elizabeth Cooper said...

Your doodles are so gorgeous! I particularly love the gift card... What an awesome, personalized touch. Great work!

buatwanita said...

cantiknya give card yg ade bugs tu :)

Jom Blog Walking @ Tinggalkan comment tau! I will comment at your blog too kay ;)

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