Monday, September 30, 2013

Cik Siti is Getting Married

In June, she was engaged... and there was a caricature and a bunting to go with the event which was made by me. You can see it HERE.

This month, the moment has almost arrived for her to experience and embrace the moment when the 'title' Miss will turn into Mrs!

My lovely Cik Siti made a last minute request to have a different Caricature for her Big Day. This time, she wanted the faces to look a bit more 'real'.

So, here it is...

Alongside with that, I have also designed her a couple of buntings and a photo booth backdrop.

Her request: A Sweet Looking bunting with Real Photos.

A Photo Booth backdrop complete with their common field/ interest = Construction!

So...last but not least, Barakallah ya Siti...
Hope everything will go on smoothly as planned for your wedding day, insyaAllah...
May Allah bless you and your family, always.

Thank you for ordering 

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