Thursday, July 11, 2013

So Ramadhan Has Arrived...

Thanks to Him we are still around to enjoy it for another year, InsyaAllah.

Prior to the Holy month, I have designed an exclusive Aildilfitri Card and Money Packet for a local company. So, I'd like to share it here.

And just a couple of days before, I tried to doodle something for my Ramadhan wish ...
Somehow, my Boy has decided to put his marks too on the sketch.
So, here's our 1st joint effort in producing it :)

Ergh! It's quite a mess, huh?

Alhamdulillah, Zain has started to walk at 14++months.

You know what that means right?
It means I need a lot more energy to keep up with his pace and cheekiness!
I guess this is an added challenge I have this Ramadhan.
Plus I still breastfeed him...
I must remember to drink lots of water at night!

Love him to bits.

Sometimes, I still can't believe Allah lends this Boy to me.

I love Ramadhan and all it brings.
Hope you'll enjoy it too.


tenku butang said...

Suka blog ni.. keratif.. cantikk..
hai.. salam kenal,
follower no.250
done follow sini,
jom follow teman yea yunk..=) -->(official) -->2nd blog

Nurul Farahizzati said...

wow.. you're so creative!! jeles sangat..

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