Saturday, June 29, 2013

I Doodled on Pink TShirts

I don't normally take orders for doodling on T Shirts.
Especially now that my working time is limited to the wee hours (when my little one is sleeping), I take extra time to finish some jobs.

But this sweet client of mine has persuaded that I may take the time I needed. No rush at all.
So I agreed to do it.

There were only 13 Pink T Shirts, I only used Black Fabric Pen and the Design was quite simple.
But because I haven't been doodling on fabric for a long time, it was a bit difficult to handle.

So I'm glad that after almost more than 2 months, I finally finished the job.
Heheee... (so long, eh...?)

My original proposal...


Have a nice weekend!

Please visit Ayujamal's post to read more about it!
Thanks Ayu dear.


◕ D Y S H A S A H H I R ◕ said...


Cik Cempaka said...

salam ramadhan too =)

DoodleDesign said...

timakaseh Dyshaa...

cik cempaka- tq tq sudi singgah..

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