Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Fabulous Foursome!

Well, I've just finished an order from a huge fan of .. you know which band :)... The BEATLES! This is definitely cool because now you can enjoy my Caricature on the ECO Non Woven Bags. Woohooo! (heh- syok sendirii.. ). Owh, by the way, the price for Caricature is different..please contact me personally for any inquiry.

In this series of EcoBag.. it's quite simple as I focused on the Caricatures in black&white with a touch of Green color.

Here's Paul McCartney with "The Green and Winding Road"

John Lennon with "Let it Be".. I mean, "Let it Green.." 

George Harrison with "Here Comes the Green"

And their awesome drummer, Ringo Starr with "Green Submarine"

Already. Now that you have seen them. I'd like to share a song from one of my Beatles favorite- with animation! :). Enjoy...

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Betsy Grant said...

I love this! cute! I am a musician who blogs about creativity. Please visit me at

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