Monday, December 24, 2012

A Short Visit to Ganu

It's rainy season in the East Coast of Malaysia right now.

There was no escape from it when we went there last weekend.
However, when the rain stopped once in a while... Mr.Bee quickly drove Baby Zain and I to a few of Kuala Terengganu 'Hot Spots' (for us, at least).

Early in the morning, we couldn't see the sun rise because it was so cloudy... but we still wanted to bring Baby Zain to see the beach at Pantai Batu Burok.

Here's the result:

Yup. He slept all the way... tsk tsk tsk.

So, we made our way to a breakfast stall which was in Jalan Panji Alam.
I would say, they have one of the best nasi lemaks and nasi dagangs in Ganu. Yummy2x...

Not even 8am yet customers were already in queue. Yikes!

This used to be my playground...
when I was in the Primary school back in 1980s :)

While we had our breakfast, it rained again... and thanks to Allah by the time we finished, the sky was quite clear and beautiful.

We hopped on the car and decided to go to Marang because I wanted to take some boat pictures for my future painting reference!

When we reached the Marang Jetty, baby Zain fall asleep yet again. Hihii...
 But I had a good time snapping my boats away...

We also stopped by a stall that sold a local delicacy called Akok. 
It was still made the traditional way... and tasted sooooo good!

After that we had a rest at home while outside it rained cats and goats.

I craved for ICT.
You can't go back to Kuala Terengganu without ICT in one of your hi-tea menus!
So, Mr.Bee drove us to Teluk Ketapang for it.
What ICT am I talking about?
It's 'Ikan Celup Tepung'. 
Not only the fishes were dipped in a special recipe flour and fried but you will find a whole lot of other seafoods ie. prawns and squids too!
Of course, keropok lekor was there if you want. 


I was too busy eating until I forgot to take picture of the food.

Plus, baby Zain was sound asleep on my lap while I was eating 'em.

And when you thought there was nothing much in Kuala Terengganu at night, you'll be surprise to see that the real ICT existed there too!

Here at Kampung Cina... or Dataran Shahbandar as they named it now.

As you can see, baby Zain was wide awake by now.
*Sigh... so much of outdoor loving, son.

But baby Zain was such a sport during our short trip. He didn't make much fuss for the long car ride. 

I know you're tired, baby. 
So much for you to learn and see...
each and everyday of your life.


Anonymous said...


I'm like ten years old every time I'm in Ganu. So much to see, do & eat in so little time.

At least Zain isn't big enough to pose the age old question, "are we there yet?".

Thanks for sharing the rough ride.
p/s - blame it on the sound system!


DoodleDesign said...


p/s- the sound system was ok but the songs...

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