Thursday, July 26, 2012

The PinkGegirl... & my Baby...

I've been postponing to update a recent HEADER that I did for a sweet client in pink!

As you can see, it was mostly hand-drawn... except for the background.

I had fun creating it and I'm glad she liked it too!
Please visit Pinkgegirl for some interesting stories of her life :)

Talking about life!
Baby Zain just turned 3 months old yesterday. He got his 3rd jab the day before and had a little fever after that. Huhuu... poor boy. But he still managed to make a cheeky face.

love u.
too much.



Cik Cempaka said...

debabnyerrrr,,,nak picit2 jer lengan tu..baru 3 bulan

DoodleDesign said...

kehkehkeh...lenguh juga kalu dukung dia lama2 :P.

ayu jamal said...

bestnye kalau pndai mlukis cam ET..kan..suka tgk

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