Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The BBQ Man & How I Made it!

A thoughtful client of mine has commissioned a colored Digital Caricature for a buddy of his. 

Now, how about I share with you the STEPS taken to create this one?

Some might wonder how a digital caricature is made. Every artists/ caricaturists may have different ways to create hers/ his and  may even used different software. 

I approach my Digital Caricature almost the same as the conventional way (paper/ pencil/pen). The difference was that I will be using Photoshop and a pen tablet (wacom bamboo).


- Open Photoshop
- Open the Picture for reference


- Open a New Window for your digital drawing
- In this case, I have created a Blank, White, A4 Sized window. So... it's like I'll be drawing on a piece of A4 "digital" paper.


- Now you can start your rough sketch of the Caricature in one Layer.
- When you make your rough sketch, you can adjust anything at all using the tools in Photoshop. Thus, it's crucial that you're familiar with the software first... this requires some practice... maybe trial and error too.


- After the rough sketch, create another Layer ABOVE it and make a proper drawing of the face using neater strokes and lines.
- If you see closely, I have lowered the Opacity of the rough sketch's Layer to 60% or less... This will help me draw better.


- Then, continue to draw the body and the rest of what you've planned in your initial rough sketch.


- After you're done with the proper drawing,"'switch off" the eye of the rough Layer. 
- You can now start Coloring your Caricature.
- Create a NEW Layer UNDER the Drawing- that's how I did it. This will be the Layer you use to color your Digital Caricature.
- Not necessarily only one layer for coloring the whole thing. You can create as many layers as you like for different parts of the Caricature. For example, one layer for the skin, one layer for the attire, one layer for the cap and one layer for the BBQ thingy...


- There you are... it's done now!
- Well, actually I took some time to color the Caricature too. I feel that I also need more practice to improve my style of coloring using Photoshop's brushes. There are so many techniques of blending colors and such in Photoshop that we could explore as we do more digital coloring, of course!

Already then, Have Fun with Art :)

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Marietjie said...

Thanks for the steps, but you are very good. I really like your work.

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