Saturday, March 31, 2012 THE Agent!

My lovely and vivacious client, Ayu Jamal has ordered a few things that I'd certainly like to share here today.

She made me created an "icon" that showed her as an Agent- a TOP one, nonetheless :)!

Ermmm.... That was the first one I did... but she has chosen another one- with a shotgun! Woww! :

She also ordered a lovely, simple New Header for her site, together with a new watermark.

The New Header

The New Watermark

After that, she has decided to get a couple of gifts for her lovely friends and so she commissioned me one A4 sized Couple Caricature and a Hand-Painted Wooden Frame.

Well, that's about it! 
Do check her website for a beautiful you :).

Thanks Ayu. I wish all the best for your business.

1 comment:

Ildiko said...

job well done! love the caricature !the guys smile lol ;)

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