Friday, October 7, 2011

Featured in ScatNStyle :)

Last month, I received a very curious e-mail...

Hi there,

I found your site through Mary's art blog hop.

I love your doodles!

I am a Jazz singer and writer and extreme lover of art. I don't create it, but enjoy it! In fact, you can see one of my friend, Liliana Graham's paintings of me on my FB profile @

I write an Art Column weekly and I wondered if I may interview you. We can do it via email (I'll send you questions to answer), but would love to also feature a couple pictures of your work!

My blog is a music / art blog @

I have included a couple other links below, as well.

Deborah E (aka Lady D)

Positive Thinking :
5 Hugs :
Artist :
Music :  "

Well, it was a very NICE surprise, of course :).

Right now, the INTERVIEW is over at her blog. Feel free to hop over there and take a look. 
Thanks Lady D :). This indeed makes my October more special.

About Deborah E

Deborah E is a smooth and sultry summer night on Bourbon Street... Classy with a dash of sass... Proof that the jazz greats have not been sacrificed to processed pop. 


euphoria said...

Congratulations! that is awesome! :)

Deborah E said...

Thank you, ET! You are so sweet!

Lady D

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