Monday, August 8, 2011

Trading Doodle 3

Yay! I just received a very sweet lookin' doodle from AnaAnis.Muslimah.


I especially like the way she paid attention to details on the headscarf and jubah. Quite fashionable, huh?

She said she used excel to create the doodle. 
Wow! I've never tried excel to do something like this. Cool!

Already, I'll be back with a doodle for her soon :). I see many Doodle Traders are producing digital doodles. I feel quite like an "ol' school"- because still doodling with my old sketching pen and then scan it into the computer. Haha. Hope you don't mind, eh? I'm still thinking of buying me a graphics tablet... hmmm.

Last time, I saw Bamboo Wacom sold at Sunway Pyramid. They have quite a few choices of the tablets. I got confused with the various choices there and decided to think more about it and find out which one is the best for me.

And then, someone suggested Wacom Intuos... Genius products... Aahh.. 
For someone who is not really a gadget savvy like me, all these are quite intimidating. 
All I want is something practical, user friendly and not too expensive.

Still thinking about it.


DoodleLicious said...

memang cool lah sebab dia guna excel dengan hasil sebegini..kan

i use genius tablet... :D

DoodleDesign said...

kan? kan?

oo.. genius tablet eh, CC? bagus ya?

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