Sunday, November 8, 2009

ET: A Caricaturist 4 Hire

When I do caricatures or cartoons, ET is my alter-ego name. My old friends from high school called me the name and to tell you the truth, I'm not sure why. Was it my head? face?... my height? - that might resembled the creature? Arrrgh!!
Ok.. I'm not about to put my own pix for you to make some comparisons.. heh. But it could be because in my school batch of MRSM Kerteh 1987-89, we have a few girls with the same name, hence they needed to give each of us a different nickname. Somehow, I got stuck with ET. Just maybe, I was one of the geeks with an artistic freak...i mean, streak.

I love doing caricatures as I enjoy doing portraits. When you do caricatures, you could really let your imagination run wild with fun expressions of the people you draw. And when you do portraits, the same passion still runs but with handle and care to paint what you see in a person onto a canvas. Whatever it is, enjoy yourself.
My latest client asked me to cartoonize the portraits of her lovely kids. Aren't they just cute?


Let me show other caricatures I have done some time ago..



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